Scan-Line Solid

Get hip with concrete


Concrete is no longer used only for, roads and foundations. Concrete is one of the hottest home materials today, we build beautiful modern houses in concrete, we decorate the living room with candlesticks and lamps in concrete and we use concrete for countertops.

Now you can also enjoy the beautiful raw material with HETA’s new, stylish Scan-Line Solid wood burning stove. Scan-Line Solid is built in gray concrete, which matches the modern design. If you would like a little color, Scan-Line Solid can easily be painted in just the color that fits your home.

“We are constantly developing our wood burning stoves and expanding our range in relation to contemporary trends. Concrete is hip right now and I understand that because concrete is a very beautiful material. Therefore, we are pleased to present Scan-Line Solid, says Carsten Bach, CEO of HETA.

You get a fantastic look at the flames from three sides. The Scan-Line Solids door closes itself, so you only have to concentrate on enjoying the heat.

Scan-Line Solid can be placed wherever you want, even up to a flammable wall. You can use Scan-Line Solid as a standard wood burning stove with quick heating and you can take advantage of the heat storage, releasing the stored heat over many hours, says Carsten Bach.

Of course, Scan-Line Solid is built around HETA’s Clean Burn combustion technology, which makes the combustion air easy to run and added to combustion without resistance.

See how HETA Scan-Line Solid is built in the video here: