Coziness in the garden with Tipi

Do you also miss the stove in the summer? With HETA’s Tipi you can move the coziness of the stove out and into your garden. HETA Tipi gives heat and coziness on the terrace or in the grass. You can make popcorn and bread on a stick, roast marsh mellows, sausages and anything you would like to cook over the open fire. HETA Tipi is easy to light up, easy to clean and, not least environmentally friendly.

HETA Tipi is a beautiful sculpture in your garden. Tipi is designed for the any climate and it can stay outside all year long. HETA Tipi is made from Corten steel which develops a nice, rusty-red colour over time, but this never develops into corroding rust.

heta tipi terasse sommer
heta tipi skumfiduser
heta brændeholder

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