Pellet stoves from HETA

Not in the mood for carrying firewood? HETA has made it easier for you to heat your home without compromising on comfort. With a Scan-Line Green pellet stove from HETA, you only have to refill the tank every other day at continuous operation.

The full-automatic pellet stove resembles a regular wood-burning stove with a glass door and visible flames and therefore guarantees a cosy atmosphere in the living room.

Made in Denmark

All pellet stoves from HETA are designed and manufactured at our factory in Lemvig in Denmark. HETA is excellent quality for anyone who appreciates Danish design.

All HETA stoves have very high burning value, so you get more out of your firewood, and polluting gases are burned before leaving the chimney.

HETAs pellet stoves are some of the most clean-burning stoves in Europe. They are tested in accordance with applicable regulations in Norway, Denmark, Germany as well as the new European norm.HETAs completely unique fire chamber and air channels mean that CO2 and harmful particles are reduced to an absolute minimum.

HETAs pellet stoves are available painted black or grey. You also have the options of soapstone, sandstone or ceramic in many colours, to get a customised stove, perfect for your living room.