Advantages of a HETA stove

Made in Denmark

All stoves are designed and manufactured at HETA’s factory in Lemvig, Denmark. HETA is excellent, Danish-designed quality for everyone.

We develop modern ovens

HETA’s wood-burning stoves are some of the most clean-burning stoves in Europe. They are tested according to the applicable EcoDesign rules in Scandinavia and Europe.

Guaranteeing good quality

All stoves are inspected before they leave the factory. In addition, you, of course, get a five-year warranty on your HETA stove’s firebox.

Low emissions

HETA’s completely unique firebox and air channels mean that CO2 and harmful particles are reduced as much as possible.

High energy conversion efficiency

All HETA stoves have very high energy conversion efficiency, so you get more out of your firewood.

Your own style

HETA’s stoves are produced in matte black quality steel, but you can also combine them with ceramic in several colours, soapstone, sandstone or granite.