Scan-Line Solid

Become trendy with concrete


Concrete is one of the hottest modern materials in your home. Now you can also enjoy the beautiful raw material on the new, pure style stove HETA Scan-Line Solid. The Scan-Line Solid is built in grey concrete, which matches the modern housing. If you are fond of colours, Scan-Line Solid can easily be painted in just the colour that fits your home.

You get a fantastic look at the flames from three sides. With a self-locking door on the Scan-Line Solid, you only need to concentrate on firing up and enjoying the heat.

Scan-Line Solid can be placed wherever you want, even beside a flammable wall. You can use Scan-Line Solid as a traditional stove with quick heating, and you can take advantage of the heat retaining ability, by buying thermal stones, that release the heat slowly over many hours.

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